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Podcast: Last 100 Sermons

Donating to Audio Sancto

Audio Sancto is a website run by Catholic laymen (computer and audio experts). What began as a small collection of services on a simple web page has grown into an international apostolate in a few short years. Most amazing and humbling are the emails we receive: accounts of conversion and renewed Catholic fervor from listening to these sermons.

Within the last year a new service of Audio Sancto has been launched: Sermons on CD. While we make the audio of the sermons available for free we have been getting more and more requests for audio CDs either for listening when away from a computer or to give as gifts to others. For now the process is very time consuming: making the CDs one at a time using a regular CD burner. A goal for Audio Sancto is to acquire a Primera Bravo 4102 high-volume CD publishing machine; not only will we be able to make more CDs faster with this machine, but we'll be able to turn on a feature that we're working on: allowing visitors to Audio Sancto to create personalized playlists of sermons and then order the playlist on CD. The only hurdle at this point is the $2,500 investment for the CD publishing machine.

Any help you can provide for this initiative would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

You can send a donation by check, payable to "Audio Sancto", to:

Audio Sancto
10940 Parallel Pkwy STE K-279
Kansas City, KS 66109