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Status Update: Weren't there more sermons here?

In the summer of 2015 Audio Sancto began the process of divesting its catalogue of sermons to other websites. Websites hosting sermons formerly available on Audio Sancto include:

Why is this divesting of the catalogue happening?

Time and geography:

  • Geography: The priests who preach the sermons currently/formerly on Audio Sancto are nowhere near Kansas City which is where the operator of Audio Sancto lives. Telephone and email work well for most matters of coordination but it really helps to be able to talk in person with the operator of the website hosting your sermons. For that reason, webmasters more local to the priests are taking over portions of the catalogue.
  • Time: Audio Sancto is principally run by one person who, when the website was launched, was married less than a year with his first child on the way. Now the webmaster has his seventh child on the way and and doing more contract programming side projects... there just isn't enough time for all of the activities one wants to take on in life: family and supporting the family have to take priority.

Will the new websites have podcast/RSS feeds?

Luke1128 and Romans10Seventeen have podcast feeds. ReginaProphetarum is being programmed from scratch and still has work to be done; Audio Sancto is not privy to the intended feature list or delivery timeline of the designers and programmers at ReginaProphetarum.

What and who is WAS Audio Sancto?

Audio Sancto was a website created and maintained by Catholic laymen who record and publish sermons by Catholic priests, with the permission of the priests who preach them. This project was drawn to a close in the late summer/early fall of 2015.


Am I allowed to copy these sermons and pass them along?

Yes, but there are a few conditions:

  • You may not, under any circumstances, identify the priests preaching these sermons or the location where they are being preached (see the explanation below)
  • You may not make a financial profit from the copying and/or redistribution of these sermons
  • You may not edit the audio of the sermons in any way
  • If you can, please say three Hail Mary's for the priests who preach these sermons, and ask others to do the same
  • Relay these conditions to whomever you give these sermons


Are these sermons protected by copyright?

Yes. The ability to enforce of copyright ensures that nobody can use the audio of these sermons for purposes other than approved by the priests who preach them. For example: if you see "videos" on YouTube featuring the audio of sermons which are still on Audio Sancto it is being done without permission and in violation of the wishes of the rights holders -- the priests! -- of the sermons.


Am I allowed to link to from my website, a blog, or internet forum?

Linking to a sermon is fine (please link to the sermon details page, not directly to the audio), but you may not mirror (copy the mp3 file and host it from your own web server or any other online service, such as YouTube) the sermon on another website. Either way, you MAY NOT, under any circumstances, identify the priests preaching these sermons or the location where they are being preached (see the explanation below).


Are there transcripts of the sermons available?

No. The sermons are spoken and an exact transcription would change the context as irony and inflection would be lost. As such, the priests explicitly forbid the creation of verbatim transcripts of their sermons. Besides, the topics on which they preach are almost always based on written sources which are referenced in the sermon. If you want to read something on the Faith it's always better to consult authors whose names start with "St." rather than "Fr."


Who are the priests giving these sermons?

The priests you hear in the recordings on this website are Catholic Priests, in good standing with their local ordinaries and Rome, incardinated with normal faculties and jurisdiction, and serving in North America.


Okay... so why not just say who the priests are?

Because they have duties and responsibilities as priests to care for the souls of the Faithful entrusted to them. By remaining unidentified, their attention for their flock won't be divided by folks outside of their parish who might seek them out for questions rather than going to their local priests. Moreover, the message they happen to be preaching -- the Catholic Faith -- is what is important, not the human beings who are preaching it. Lastly, there is a profound spiritual danger for priests who attain celebrety status. The point of this website and the sermons is to raise the profile of God in our lives: it's not about the priest... he is subject to Original Sin and has to go to Confession like the rest of us, and could certanily use your prayers.


How can Audio Sancto be contacted?

The best way to contact Audio Sancto is by email via our Contact Us page.