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A Traditional Battle Plan for Combating Habitual Sin, part 2

The power of Divine Revelation. Examples from the life of the Saints of habitual sinners break free through Grace. Tradition is what keeps us from becoming children of our age. Protects us from the poison of the Enlightenment. Review of what man is (composite being). Healing happens in body and soul. We must ask for the grace to be disgusted by sin. Contemplations on Hell. Compunction is habitual sorrow. Frequent reception of the sacraments; frequent adoration and spiritual communions; "Lord help me find in Thee what I was seeking elsewhere." Saint Augustine; meditation on the Passion of Christ; MUST pray the Rosary daily; consecration to Our Lady; overcoming resentments; good friendships of virtuous people (the Saints); study but be on guard with modern publishers; sacramentals: Brown Scapular, Miraculous Medal, holy water, Saint Benedict medals, home blessings. What of the body? Mortify the body: "unless you do penance you will surely die." Say "no" to the little things that are allowed so we can say "no" to the big things. Fight the battle of the belly. Mortify in food. How to approach mortification at the table (Saint Philip Neri). Get rid of movies and TV. Distraction by thinking of death. Do corporal and spiritual works of mercy. How we start the day depends on how you end it. Exercise. Example of Ven. Matt Talbot.
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