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Mission (4): Church Triumphant vs. Church Malignant

"Coming Out of Egypt: The Church Triumphant vs. the church malignant." The devil has his assembly or synagogue in which there are many doors, one for each perverse human desire that can be imagined. God has His Church which has only one door, the Red Sea of Baptism. The devil's synagogue mocks the Church of God, even providing its own evangelists who loudly proclaim his anti-gospel in various stadiums, arenas and over all the airwaves of our times. God's One Holy Catholic Church, however, is the perfect society, providing every means necessary for us to Come out of Egypt, including the four pillars of the Church: the Creed, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, and the Our Father. Since She contains all we need for our journey through the desert, we should shun and despise every attempt of the devil to make us go back to the Land of Ham.
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