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Mission (9): The Battle Plan for Staying Out of Egypt

"Coming Out of Egypt: The Ark of the Covenant and God's Battle Plan for staying out of Egypt" ... "To stay out of Egypt, to conquer our hearts made hard by Egypt, and to avoid making ourselves a golden calf we need the Ark and all it contains. God likes to place His covenants in Arks... and the Ark of old is a type of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the ark of the New Covenant. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mother of God and all that is contained in Her womb is the battle plan of God. As She stated so plainly at Fatima, "only She can help you." Total Consecration to Jesus living in Mary, renewed daily, places our own covenants in the Ark, safely assumed into heaven. Such a consecration draws us ever onward to the Promised Land."
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